Mrs. Drake's Classroom

REDUCE waste.  INCREASE achievement!

Word Processing
Children may draw/illustrate prewriting on paper or on the computer.

-Children compose and edit stories on the computer. I use Microsoft Word. They are saved in a file with their name.  Files are copied to a CD before winter break and the close of the school year.

-Teach children to use features of the program, like right-clicking for synonyms.

-Teach the children how to check the grade level and readability by hitting F7.  This skill challenges gifted children to add stronger vocabulary.

If F7 does not work on your computer, try the following:

1. Click Tools on the taskbar.

2. Select Options.

3. Click the Spelling and Grammar tab.

4. Place a checkmark in the box next to Show Readability Statistics by clicking in the box.

5. You may also disable the AutoCorrect features in the same location.