Mrs. Drake's Classroom

REDUCE waste.  INCREASE achievement!

There are five components of worksheetless classroom.  Determine what you would like to improve this year by selecting one component that interests you.


1. Website - Review games for every concept and skill have been avaiable since the website was created in 2000.  (A new domain was created in 2010.)  The website is intended for student use.

2. Interactive Whiteboard - Students use the interactive whiteboard to complete tasks that require higher order thinking.
3. Assessments - All tests are online using  Students receive immediate feedback.  The teacher instantly learns the skills that need reteaching.
4. Word Processing Programs - Writing assignments are written in Microsoft Word.  Students learn how to check the readability and grade level, along with many other useful shortcuts.
5. Homework Online - Homework is created in  Students participate in a fifteen- to twenty-minute activity and receive immediate feedback on performance.  Students receive assignments on their readiness level, as over 500 assignments spanning four grade levels were created. (began in 2008) Students without Internet access at home complete activities at school.

How Can I Implement Technology in My Classroom?