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Compass Learning Odyssey

Online Homework 


You can create interactive learning activities for students to complete at home (or school) using Compass Learning Odyssey.  There are other competitors; our county chose this product. Explore the many options before selecting and paying for a subscription.


I created homework assignments for second through fifth grade in language arts. I also created assignments in math for grades 2 and 3. Students complete a 10- to 15-minute activity in each subject nightly.  In the first semester of online homework, 100% of students completed all homework assignments with 20% voluntarily asking for and completing DOUBLE the homework.  The average over the last two years is over 95% successful completion.

When creating assignments in any program, you'll want to determine your own system to organize the activities.  In Compass Learning Odyssey alone, I've created over 600 assignments. My language arts assignments are coded with a color (standing for the grade level) followed by an assignment number.  I assign four assignments each week to the students.  It is an easy way to differentiate instruction because I assign the leveled activities based on each child's readiness level. 
My math assignments are coded with a skill, followed by a letter, and a color code (representing the grade level).  I assign the activities for an entire skill at the same time.  For example, addition A - F will be assigned during my addition units and geometry A - I will be assignment during the geometry units. Be careful NOT to assign too many assignments at once as it overwhelms and confuses the students. Create a system that works for you.