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Assessments Online

Quia Web is used for assessments.  It provides immediate feedback for students.  The teacher may login to print grades or export them to the online gradebook. Games can be created as well.  There are many competitors, some offering free access.

Try the online assessments by using a generic login.  Select a subject below.  Choose an assessment.  The login is S8888888, and the password is dekalb.



Take the tutorials found at .

Create or copy assessments. I suggest creating one assessment for each subject to get started.  If you teach second or third grade, you may search for my name and copy all assessments.

I create a class for every subject I teach.  While it's tempting to create your own class roster, do NOT create your own because the program creates the password for the child.  You want to create the students' accounts with the same username and password as other programs your children use.

While this takes time, it is MUCH easier than having parents or students create accounts.   


1. Click create a class.

2. Choose student enrollYou will enroll as though you are the student.

3.  You will be given a class code for each of your subjects.  Write the codes on a scratch sheet of paper.

4.  Log out of Quia.

You will now create an account for every one of your students. You will enroll them in whatever classes you teach.  You will need a class list with their inititals and lunch code. By creating the account this way, teachers will be able to use the aqccount next year.

5. Go to .

6. Click the orange student box,

7. Select create my free account

8.  Enter the child's information.  Determine a consistent pattern for a username and password.  I select the same login information that the children use on other programs. For the email address, put your WORK email address for all students.  You will receive an email confirmation that you can print and send home with the children.

9. Select create my account.

10. You will be prompted to add classes.  Enter the affiliate codes for your classes.

11.  Log out as that student and repeat with all other students.